Instance administration


An Instance is a virtual installation of kuraCloud. It consists of a group of accounts, settings and courses, with the courses containing lessons and student data. Each Instance is securely separated from all others. Typically there will be one Instance per institution or department.  This section covers how to optimize your Instance settings, the privileges of each of kuraCloud's default roles (Instance Administrator, Course Administrator, and Author), and how to manage staff and students within your Instance.

When your institution signs up to use kuraCloud, a dedicated Instance is created for you by One person from your institution is designated as the Instance Administrator, who receives an invitation e-mail and kura ID.

The Instance Administrator has complete control over all aspects of an Instance. They can:

  • control all Instance settings,
  • assign other staff as administrators or authors,
  • import students, and
  • create and modify Courses.

An Instance can have more than one Instance Administrator, and an Instance Administrator can convene over more than one Instance.

Instance Administration settings

Settings for your institution's Instance are found within the Instance Administration card. This is accessed by selecting Instance Administration in the Administration pages:

Note, this option is only visible if you are an Instance Administrator.

From this card, you (the Instance Administrator) can:

  • configure settings for the Instance 
  • add other administrators
  • manage, create and delete roles (for more information on the Other Roles card, click here)

Configure Instance Settings

In the General Settings card, you can:

  • change the name of the Instance
  • change the image that appears at the top left of the kuraCloud header. 


Manage Administrators

In the Administrators card you can:

  • view current Instance Administrators and Course Administrators
  • invite others to be Instance Administrators and Course Administrators
  • revoke an administrator's privileges:
    • Choose their email from the Instance Administrators or Course Administrators card, and select Revoke.

If you revoke by mistake, you can select Restore to reinstate the Administrator's privileges. Note, if you exit the Instance Administration card, you'll have to invite the Administrator again.

Managing the Administrator for a course

Instance Administrators can manage the Administrator position for each Course within their Instance. To assign someone as Course Administrator, navigate to the course of interest, open the Course card, and select Settings to open the Settings card. Here you have the option to assign (or change) the Administrator of each course.

Note: the email address appears in the above list because a Given name and Family name were not entered in the Details section of the Course Administrator card.

Invite Course and Instance Administrators

From the Administrators card you can add other administrators.

If the administrator was previously an Instance or Course Administrator, kuraCloud will recognize this and give you the option to Restore Administrator.

If you select Invite in the dialog below, the Administrator will automatically receive an email with an invitation and link to kuraCloud.

Administrator Permissions

The table below shows what the Administrator roles can do in an instance. Understanding these permissions makes it easier to choose the correct account type for those involved with your instance.

*For a list of permissions within a course see Managing Roles and Permissions

Managing Roles

Administrators can delegate specific aspects of course administration to individuals by giving them a named role; such as Author or Grader.

As an Instance Administrator, you can create new roles using the Other Roles card (Instance Administration > Other Roles).  The instance administrator can edit and create new roles with any combination of permissions. You can also delete a role by transferring staff from one role to another using the Choose... menu.

The below table explains the various permissions in kuraCloud:

Note: if the prototype analytics feature has been enabled in your instance then it will be available to those with the Edit course settings or Edit lessons and modules permission.

Prototype Features

A Prototype Feature is a new kuraCloud feature currently in development. Over time, any prototype feature usability will improve. They are safe to use and will not damage your lessons or affect students.

Turning on Prototype Features

As an Instance Administrator, you may control access to Prototype Features for that Instance using the General Settings card (Instance Administration > General Settings).

Current Prototype Features

Analytics - Lesson and Instance usage analytics that enables Course and Instance Administrators to measure their success with kuraCloud.