Your student homepage


Logging into kuraCloud takes you to your homepage; an organized place containing all of your courses, lessons and modules. This section covers how to navigate around your homepage and how to access your lessons and modules to start learning.

The top left corner of your homepage shows your institution's logo, and listed below are all of the courses that you have access to. When you have a course selected you'll be able to see all the modules and lessons within that course. 


In the top right corner you'll find the account options menu where you can change your Email or password, access kuraCloud Support, or log out.


Modules and Lessons

All of your courses will be listed in the left hand panel of your homepage. Selecting a course will show you all the lessons and modules (groups of lessons) that are available for you to work through. For example, this student has access to the Marine Invertebrates module, and Antarctic Invertebrates and Phylum Cnidaria lessons.

Note: single lessons are indicated by a dog-ear of the top right corner of your image, whereas modules show the full image. 

Selecting a module will show you all the lessons within that module, as well as some descriptive text about what the module is about. Selecting a lesson will open that lesson for you to complete. You can navigate back to course view by selecting the Home button. 

For more information on Lessons, click here.